Access to public markets (IPOs)

Access to public markets (IPOs)

As Registered Advisor at BME Growth in Spain and as Listing Sponsor at Euronext Growth in France, Impulsa Capital advises companies going public in those markets helping to raise equity and attracting investors.

In addition to advisory services during the initial public offering, Impulsa Capital provides preliminary advice in order to maximise the prospects of success in the process.

As Registered Advisor, Impulsa Capital has advised five companies on their admission to trading on BME Growth (Axon Partners Group, Holaluz, Kompuestos, ADL Bionatur and Pangaea Oncology) and one company as Listing Sponsor on Euronext Growth (Kompuestos).

Initial Public Offerings

Services provided


Preparation of the company


Advisory on the definition of the Equity Story and positioning of the company


Training of the management team


Advisory on the optimal moment for the IPO


Advisory on the selection of the rest of the professionals involved


Subsequent supervision as Registered Advisor (BME Growth) or Listing Sponsor (Euronext Growth)


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